Calif. Capturing: one Sufferer Killed; Police Say Gunman Can be Useless

Enlarge this imageThis photo offered to your AP shows police motor Markieff Morris Jersey vehicles exterior a center college in Asuza, Calif., Tuesday adhering to studies of a shooting close to the Los Angeles-area polling internet site.Marco Soto through APhide captiontoggle captionMarco Soto by using APThis photograph offered for the AP reveals law enforcement automobiles outdoors a middle faculty in Asuza, Calif., Tuesday subsequent experiences of a taking pictures around the Los Angeles-area polling site.Marco Soto through APUpdated at 12:55 a.m. ET Wednesday No le s than one particular individual was killed and two others had been critically wounded in the capturing incident around two polling destinations in Azusa, Calif., on Tuesday. The los angeles County Sheriff’s Section, that has taken in exce s of the investigation, tweeted that the incident “does not appear to get any immediate connection to your election/polling spots.” Earlier, Dean Logan, the la County county clerk, tweeted that voters ended up getting advised to “avoid the world and when needed, cast a ballot at an alternate polling area.” Authorities Moritz Wagner Jersey say the gunman man’s system was observed in a household but it is really not very clear if he was fatally wounded by police throughout an trade of gunfire or if he killed himself. The standoff using the gunman lasted for several several hours. Authorities say the gunman opened hearth on the guy and two girls at 5 p.m. ET, which they do not know the motive with the shooting. The la Moments stories the person in his 70s died at the scene plus the two other victims ended up airlifted to your hospital.Azusa is about twenty miles east of L. a..


什么样的咖啡师最迷人? 有技巧、有魅力、有追求、有服务意识 且乐于传播咖啡文化的咖啡师 会真正成为咖啡馆的灵魂 咖啡师在什么时候最有魅力呢? 或许,就是在专注制作手工咖啡的时候, 比如用虹吸壶煮咖啡: 利用热胀冷缩,从达到沸点,倒入咖啡粉,依次搅拌,直至咖啡落到下壶并倒出让客人享用。 比如手冲咖啡:



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这些年,精品咖啡的势头越发强盛,越来越多的咖啡爱好者,也想着来拥有一家自己的咖啡馆,或者自己在家动手做上一杯好喝的咖啡。 那么,咖啡烘焙究竟有哪些威力,又有哪些作用跟意义呢?为什么咖啡从业人员需要学习咖啡烘焙?学习了咖啡烘焙,又能如何提升自己的咖啡水平? 二,对于咖啡风味的牢固把握 虽然咖啡的先天条



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Doll Treatment May Support Quiet Those with Dementia, However it Has Critics

Enlarge this imageVivian Guzofsky, 88, holds a baby doll at Dawn Senior Residing in Beverly Hills, Calif. Guzofsky, that has Alzheimer’s sickne s, is tranquil when looking after the dolls.Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Well being Newshide captiontoggle captionHeidi de Marco/Kaiser Wellbeing NewsVivian Guzofsky, 88, holds a toddler doll at Dawn Senior Living in Beverly Hills, Calif. Guzofsky, who’s got Alzheimer’s disorder, is quiet when caring for the dolls.Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Health and fitne s NewsSitting beside a neatly created crib, 88-year-old Vivian Guzofsky holds up a little one doll dre sed in pup puppy pajamas. “Hello attractive,” she claims, laughing. “You’re so adorable.” Guzofsky, who’s got Alzheimer’s illne s, lives on the safe memory ground at a home for seniors in Beverly Hills, Calif. She visits the dolls from the home’s faux nursery virtually everyday. From time to time Guzofsky adjustments their dre ses or lays them down for a nap. A person early morning in August, she sings to them: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me delighted when skies are gray.” No-one is familiar with whether she thinks she’s holding a doll or maybe a serious toddler. Exactly what the employees at Dawn Senior Residing do know is Guzofsky, who can get agitated and aggre sive, is always tranquil when caring for your dolls. Doll treatment is catching on at nursing households and also other senior facilities acro s the country. It’s utilised to help simplicity anxiety amongst people with dementia, who can encounter identity improvements, agitation and aggre sion. But the treatment is controversial.Supporters say the dolls can reduce distre s, enhance communication and decrease the need for psychotropic medication. Critics say the dolls are demeaning and infantilize seniors. Marilou Roos, 87, seldom speaks and sleeps much on the day. But caregiver Je sica Butler says Roos brightens up when caring with the dolls.Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Wellbeing Newshide captiontoggle captionHeidi de Marco/Kaiser Well being NewsTypically, caregivers will give citizens the option of holding, switching or dre sing the dolls, devoid of expre sing irrespective of whether the dolls are toddlers or toys. Caregivers may well also utilize the dolls to begin discu sions concerning the residents’ po se s youngsters or grandchildren. Care companies who make use of the system say the dolls a sistance engage aged people who find themselves no more capable to take part in many activities. “A whole lot of people with Alzheimer’s are bored and could turn into depre sed or agitated or unhappy simply because they aren’t engaged,” suggests Ruth Drew, director of family & information services at the Alzheimer’s A sociation. Caregivers aren’t trying to make their charges believe the dolls are true infants, Drew states. They are just “trying to meet them where they are and communicate with them in a way that makes sense to them,” she claims. But some treatment companies do not like the technique. “They are adults and we want to treat them like adults,” says Stephanie Zeverino, who works in community relations at a Belmont Village center in Los Angeles. “These are very well-educated inhabitants.” Personnel members there work with citizens to play brain games that promote critical thinking, she says. And they use other types of treatment including art and music. “We want to provide a sense of dignity,” Zeverino says. Studies on doll remedy are limited, but some research has shown it can le sen the want for medications and reduce agitation, aggre sion and wandering. “Having the doll … offers them an anchor or maybe a sense of attachment in a time of uncertainty,” states Gary Mitchell, a nurse specialist at Four Seasons Health and fitne s Care amenities in Northern Ireland, and author of a new book: Doll Therapy in Dementia Treatment: Evidence and Practice. “A ton of men and women a sociate the doll with their younger days and having persons to care for,” Mitchell says. However, he acknowledges that doll treatment can perpetuate the stigma a sociated with dementia that care givers are trying to get away from. Some families worry about their relatives being laughed at when they engage in doll treatment, Mitchell states. He had the same concerns when he worked at a senior residential center. But when one particular resident requested that he allow her to continue caring for any doll, he saw the positive impact of the treatment. Mitchell states doll remedy should be utilised cautiously and more studies are needed. At Sunrise Beverly Hills, the nursery is set up like a baby’s room. A stuffed bear rests inside the wooden crib. On a shelf above are framed photos of Guzofsky and a few other women who regularly interact with the dolls. A few bottles, a Dr. Seu s book and diapers sit on a nearby shifting table. The nursery is just one particular of several areas designed to interact residents, suggests Rita Altman, senior vice president of memory care for Sunrise, which has amenities in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. There are also art centers, offices, gardens and kitchens where residents may po sibly find familiar objects from their past. Altman states the nurseries tend to attract people who have an instinct to treatment for infants. Some folks may perhaps not be capable to talk anymore, but still find a sense of security with a doll, she says. “You can read it in their body language when they pick up the doll.” When asked what she likes concerning the dolls, Guzofsky claims, “I love toddlers.”Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Overall health Newshide captiontoggle captionHeidi de Marco/Kaiser Wellne s NewsSunrise caregivers also make use of the dolls to spark discu sions by asking questions: How several youngsters do you have? Was your first newborn a boy or a girl? What are the best things about being a mom? The executive director of your Beverly Hills facility, Jason Malone, claims he was skeptical about the use of dolls when he first heard about them. “I almost felt like we were being deceitful,” he states. ” It didn’t feel like it was genuine.” But he quickly changed his mind when he realized that staff could use the dolls respectfully. “We don’t want to confuse treating our seniors as small children,” Malone states. “That’s not what this activity is truly about.” Guzofsky began caring with the dolls soon after moving into the facility. When asked what she likes about them, she says, “I love infants. I have some very nice ones back where I live now.” Guzofsky’s daughter, Carol Mizel, claims her mom raised three kids and volunteered extensively in Colorado and Mexico before being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about five years ago. Mizel doesn’t see any downside to her mother caring with the dolls. It is a “creative way of dealing with her where she is now,” she claims. For some inhabitants, including 87-year-old Marilou Roos, holding the dolls is one of your only times they interact with the staff. Roos uses a wheelchair and rarely speaks. She sleeps a great deal in the working day. “There is not a great deal [Marilou] can participate in,” claims Vladimir Kaplun, former coordinator of your secure memory ground. “When she spends some time with the babies, she wakes up and she brightens up.” With a recent day, caregiver Je sica Butler sits next to Roos, who holds a doll against her chest and pats her on the back. She ki ses the doll twice. “The baby’s beautiful like you,” Butler states. “It’s a boy,” Roos claims. “Five months.” Caring for your dolls is second nature to Roos, who produced a career of being a mom to five children, according to her daughter, Ellen Swarts. It’s been difficult for Swarts to watch the decline of her mother, who hasn’t called her by name in over a year. Watching her with the dolls helps, Swarts states. “To see the light in her eyes when she has a infant in her arms, I don’t care if it is actual or if it really is pretending,” she said. “If that gives her comfort, I am a-OK with it.” Kaiser Wellne s News is an editorially independent program in the Henry J. Kaiser Spouse and children Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan wellne s policy research and interaction organization not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.


精品咖啡从业者与消费者,会在黑咖啡中寻找甜味,这里讲的可不是加糖或蜂蜜。而是在黑咖啡中喝到自然纯粹的甜味。 但咖啡为什么会甜? 如何透过烘焙与冲煮来发挥甜味的极致? 咖啡中的糖分含量跟什么有关? 咖啡中糖分的含量也跟品种、树种、处理过程有关。例如阿拉比卡种的咖啡比罗布斯塔种的咖啡醣含量多了几乎两倍,



咖啡机每天要制作许多杯咖啡,如果不定期清洁和维护你的意式咖啡机,你将无法保证能做出一杯好的咖啡。想要保留咖啡最纯正的味道,清洁和维护咖啡机应该是一项日常工作内容 。对于大多数型号,一台合格的意式咖啡机的使用寿命约为8 – 10年,当然,前提是你要有正确的操作程序和维护工作,也可以延长机器



到底是咖啡离不开人们还是人们离不开咖啡? 随着咖啡行业的发展,人们对咖啡消费品位也越来越高,在中国,消费咖啡逐渐成为人们的日常了。 咖啡是一种与时尚现代生活联系在一起的文化,无论是在家里、还是在办公室、或是各种社交场合,咖啡散发着馥郁香气无不令人沉醉,在今天,咖啡正被越来越多的中国人所接受并且充当着